Electric Vehicles

The market of Electric Vehicles is here!

The market of Electric Vehicles is here, but Question stands: Is Infrastructure ready to meet it?


The act of climate change is nowadays nearly a constant topic at dinner parties, family gatherings and nonetheless town hall meetings cross-country and cross-globe. The planet is our common asset and we inhabit it together, and should therefore care for it together. Earth is our collective home and our wish and strive to preserve it and fight for a stronger future where we will have learned to nurture our surroundings and forever home is our collective fight. We must push for this necessary changes and transformations not only as individuals but also as a united group of people, who demand changes and all that it will take to make those changes become reality.


When we demand change and alter the market of demand of certain products the market will, eventually with time change to our likings. Sometimes this may seem far away, but actually more often than not these changes happen faster than we maybe realize. The market of EV – Electric Vehicles and Electric cars in particular is a, if not the, classic example of this. We know that the majority of us are so very dependent on vehicles in our every day lives – with everything from going to and from work, activites and the grocery store – only to name a few – and that this has a negative impact on our ecological footprint. Then it becomes apparent that we need to diminish this bad impact on our beloved earth, and the demand for electric vehicles increased rapidly, also in the rhythm of new regulations and subventions, and the market responded with an impressive quickness. Today we have companies offering enterprise solution for charge point operators for other companies and operators wishing to become part of this bright transformation.

Electric Cars are easily accessible today, but are the charging stations and the software around as accessible? In order to inspire people but actively chose the life with Electric Cars over the one with conventional cars the experience as a whole must be positive and smooth with charging stations well placed and easily accessible. Also they must be well functioning with preferably sophisticated electric vehicle charge point billing software that one, customer as well as manager of these charging stations, can rely on and know that they will always offer the customer a pullet-proof experience, or at least comparable to the experience at a regular gas station. With advanced and specialized developed cpo electric vehicle charging software the manager of the stations can manage the charging station or multiple stations in a simple and flexible way.